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    What is MUNI Haiku?

    MUNI is the San Francisco Municipal Railway. MUNI Haiku celebrates and shakes a fist at all that is good, bad and curious about SF public transit.

    The world-famous and locally-reviled fleet is made up of gas buses, electric buses, connector buses, historic streetcars, lightrail trains and the iconic cable cars. It's complemented in some parts of town by BART, the subway that connects SF to its outskirts.The creator of this site absolutely worships the Italian orange F Markets.

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    Train T-bones taxi
    Passengers don’t feel a thing
    Taxi driver’s fault

    F - Market & Wharves [+]

    “This bus is not free”
    Go back home grandpa muni
    And eat your cornmeal


    I’m not a tourist
    I just need to get to work
    Where are you, F car
    -Tara of munidiaries.com


    Where were you Tuesday?
    Was sick and needed a ride
    Not an hour long wait


    Near the F train stop
    Alone at midnight, a voice…
    “F comes in half hour!”

    “Who is there?” I said.
    Nervous, so late by myself
    That bus stop can talk!


    I hate the F-line
    It takes forever to come
    I want to go home
    - CF


    Has anyone else
    met an unusual dude
    driving this train drunk?

    I have seen him twice
    smelled weird and was driving fast
    I await next train.


    orange streetcar waits
    at church and dolores stop
    while i find my pass


    I’ve got an idea
    Let’s clog up our biggest street
    Who needs the subway


    cute little streetcar
    i roll my eyes, tourists gawk
    keep gliding along


    streetcar does not end
    past where the back door begins
    why not move on back?


    I’d like to think that
    The drivers were nice people
    At some point in time.


    Saw a tourist map
    Where F was the only line
    Which is a good thing
    —Javier Ruiz

    Every train filled with
    Tourists from Fisherman’s Wharf
    I feel so helpless
    —Diego Ruiz

    sexy F Market
    your classy Italian cars
    whisper “uscita”

    Jolt, buzz, power gone,
    We sit in the dark and wait.
    We need our lifeline.

    The F runs above
    ground all the way to fishwharf
    nanny nanny boo

    end-to-end Market
    so what *does* the ‘F’ stand for?
    ferries or fairies?